About those Olympic beach volleyball uniforms…

BEACH VOLLEYBALL-OLY-2016-RIO-GER-EGY…really? I mean: Really?

In this case, it’s “Go, Egypt,” where the players play covered up (in the photo above, whilst playing the bikini-clad German team, the latter of which won).

I say this as an athlete who came of age in the ’70s, when my high school sports uniform included a pair of shorts that were little more than panties. I hated them. I really only wanted to play, not show my body. Yeah, Im a prude. Why do you ask?


4 responses to “About those Olympic beach volleyball uniforms…

  1. Until 2012, women were required by the International Volleyball Federation to wear the bikini. Apparently the Federation didn’t want women to get “lost in their clothes.” (Kerri Walsh)
    Yeah. That’s the reason. Yup.

    And from what I read, a player still needs special dispensation from the Federation to wear full length pants and hijab.

    • What a load if crap, lost in their clothes. The rules were set to keep women from dressing the way they make have wanted, and not for ratings?

      • I think the rules were made to draw an audience…exploitation. Only pressure from religious groups changed it.

      • Load of crap for sure! I hate this. And while we’re at it, can’t they let female tennis players wear shorts instead of those skimpy skirts/dresses? It isn’t comfortable for every professional player, so I’ve read.

        And why is it that at formal affairs, the men are completely covered with shirts& pants & ties & jackets & hefty shoes, while women often wear skimpy dresses with mostly bare arms, legs, and feet? Practically speaking, one of the two is either hot or cold, fer crying out loud, given the clothing difference.

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