Along with the Olympics comes human trafficking

abandoned hopeSadly, every major sporting event is accompanied by an uptick in trafficking in persons.

I wrote about what Connecticut is doing to counter trafficking here.


6 responses to “Along with the Olympics comes human trafficking

  1. Excellent article. Thank you for it.

    My guess of a partial answer as to why men buy (& sell) sex with women and children is that they apparently can get away with it. According to past history, odds are, if someone is going to get caught in that crime, it’ll be the woman. It only adds to the inflation of the male ego, so he (the buyer or the “pimp”) can feel powerful over women & children in multiple ways – physically and mentally. I really hope the new laws help to change this.

  2. Me, too. It’s ridiculous not to be able to do more on the demand side.

    • If prostitution was legal and regulated by the State, do you think that would any impact on human trafficking in Connecticut?

      • I can’t find figures I trust on this, but too many of the victims are under legal age for me to believe that legalizing prostitution would make much of a dent. And prostitution and human trafficking aren’t necessarily the same thing. But you know that.

        • My guess is it wouldn’t make much of a difference, too, as it involves exploiting vulnerable populations (nearly free labor) in order to make money for a guy in charge. Unless the risk is too high for the guy in charge, he is likely to find a way to stay in business no matter what.

        • Yeah…you’re right. I was thinking about the demand angle. Probably wouldn’t have much of an impact.

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