Donald Trump’s economic plan won’t fix ‘Murica

Untitled-1-Recovered-Recovered143But then, his white Evangelical Christian support base doesn’t care much.

I wrote this for The Hill.

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      1. That doesn’t appear to be the case. White Evangelical voters’ antipathy toward Clinton apparently outweighs any reservations most of them may have about Trump. And Clinton certainly hasn’t targeted them with any response to Better Way economics.

        Not that it would make much difference, I suppose. It’s Messianic Savior versus Apocalyptic Doom from their perspective. The math doesn’t really matter.

  1. I too raise my arms to the sky and thank dear sweet baby Jesus that Trump entered the race and shanghaied the Republican Party into believing he is the “One.” I am expecting any day this later-day Ross Perot to announce that he was only joking . If not for Trump, in my humble opinion, Clinton would not be the next president. So don’t knock him. And with any luck, the Senate will go blue and we get a liberal to moderate Supreme Court singing a whole new set of tunes like Diana Ross’s group once did.

      1. It’s India for me. I like curry and tandoori foods. I could live like a Maharishi and be known in my adopted village as, “that strange American who lives on a hill and migrated here while we Indians migrate to America”

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