This is rude and I’m ashamed of myself.

Cpnr7u3UEAEjg8tI’m lying, of course. I think this is pretty funny. I can’t speak for Jesus, though.

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  1. He played the savior card with pastors in Florida yesterday. He’s going to save “their” freedom of speech, which they don’t have anymore (applause). He’s going to give them “great power.” And somehow reverse the trend in religious affiliation, which he says is going in the wrong direction.

    This was before (?) he doubled down on his claim Obama founded ISIS with Clinton’s help..of course.

    1. I just watched that speech this a.m. on a satellite feed that had all kinds of anti-Hillary ads popping up on it. These are my people, le sigh. I wish they would apply the lazer-like focus they learned in Sunday school to what their candidate is actually saying. (See recently posted blog, which isn’t deep but still.)

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