Here’s how much less Congresspeople work than you do

4011079348_bef8fe9ba1_bThey’re on a break right now, from their 133-day work schedule. Compare that to your 240 days, give or take.

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  1. Yeah…but I’m imagining how much more screwed up things might be if they were on the job another hundred days.
    I think they should all just stay home until after the general election. Come back just before Thanksgiving, pass a continuing resolution good through February 2017 to keep the paychecks on time, then leave. Come back after January 3rd, 2017 and let the 115th start over. New Congress. New President.

    WE need a break.

      1. Well…that was the 113th Congress. I don’t know if the 114th is on track to match the 113th’s performance level, but they have been busy. If conference calls, (the bipartisan resolution process), are an indicator, the 114th appears on track to exceed the 113th’s overall performance.

        Some high profile obstructionism…spending bills…Zika response…appointment confirmations including SCOTUS…gun control…obscures what’s been getting signed from the 114th.

        It’s not a lack of action that concerns me. It’s what they’re doing. With an approval rating in the polls about equal to the lows set by the 113th, I think the 114th should just call it a day. Give US a break. Go home and rationalize their performance thus far to their constituents. Do what politicians do best. Shovel shit. Just don’t do it on the job for the next four months or so.

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