A marriage made somewhere south of heaven

Reince PriebusRoger Ailes, the former executive who turned Fox News into his personal locker room, will serve as a consultant to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he prepares for the debates. Given Trump’s low numbers among women — Republican women included — this seems like a willful attempt to lose.

This is kind of a blog post that writes itself. I’ll stop now.

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  1. He’s also in bed now with Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, (there’s some media credibility), and campaign pollster Kellyanne Conway gets to call the action. She’s going to fix Trump’s image problem with women.
    Manafort, like Lewandowski, gets to watch…but, unlike Lewandowski, gets to stay in the room (ambiance!)…and get paid. (Paulie always gets the money up front.)

    1. You don’t have to tell any one from CT that Paulie gets his money up front. He’s from here, from Hard-Hittin’ New Britain. There aren’t a whole lotta folks in that town who think of him fondly. This shake-up is fascinating, yes?

      1. It is. I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. (Mainly because I don’t trust MSM analyses of Trump’s behavior.) But it is interesting.

        I can’t imagine the logic that says the Breitbart frontman is going to turn things around for Trump in the polls. I can’t imagine Conway believing that.

        But…ya never know. Trumpkins be crazy. And the crazier Trump is, the better they like it.

        1. Yeah, but “they” is not a large enough group to elect him. So this just strikes me as weird.

          1. It is kinda weird.

            But Trump’s going for an electoral college victory. So he’s going to concentrate on 5 or 6 States that have the potential to deliver those votes.

            I suppose he thinks bringing in Bannon is key to rallying the same kind of turnout that won him the nomination.

  2. I know I said I am a non-believer, but I will knell down at any alter bow my head and pray to sweet baby Jesus that Trump remains in the race. I knew he would destroy the conservative/republican movement at least long enough to elect a blue senate and elect a moderate to liberal Supreme Court. That is the prize.

    1. I don’t think you have to sully your atheism. Trump’s not going anywhere. Yet.

      The down ballot races are too close to call so far.

      And even if Clinton wins the White House and can call out the Senate, I don’t think Garland is going anywhere either. That’s a pity.

      1. I once met a diva opera singer. She was gorgeous and available. She told me that she expected her man to knell by the bedside every evening and pray. I paused a moment to reflect on that situation. I was beginning to think that we wern’t a good match. So I tried making a deal and told her that I didn’t mind her surrendering her soul to God as long as she left me her gorgeous body to ravage. She didn’t find the remark amusing.

        It wasn’t meant to be I guess.

  3. They are brothers of different mothers. Interesting, but not surprising really. Trump seems to be testing how low he can go. He thinks he’s invincible.

      1. Thanks for that. It sounds logical, though I’m not so sure he wants to find a way out at this point. I am thinking of his past behavior and the pathological features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It’s pure speculation, of course, but my guess is he is too far in to get out without risk of looking like a coward and a loser. Psychologically, he can’t have that. I suspect he will play dirty as dirty can be to attempt to make Hillary look bad to try to win. I do think he will refuse to be labeled a loser, even if he does lose. He will blame it on voter fraud and you name it to not accept a loss. He could then walk away with a big fan base and cause trouble from the outside because he won’t be able to resist the feeling of having power and influence over people. We shall see, but I do think he is a dangerous character.

  4. Some folks, including some Fox talking heads, say that we’re looking at the principals in the post election “Trump Cable News”.

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