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    1. Ha ha ha ha. I had to read that last sentence a couple of times. Just because someone’s ANYTHING, really, is not an indicator that they’re smart/bright/right.

      1. There ya go with that critical thinking shit again.
        Let’s have coffee……………….

  1. I attended a Catholic grade school. The only one with a Jewish last name in the school. Go figure – an early experience being a fish out of water. They schooled us to always rely on reason and logic to dictate our beliefs. So I became an atheist before I knew what the word meant. At first, the nuns thought I was the biblical prophesy of Jewish conversion. By 7th grade, they could no longer tolerate me and found a way to expel me for refusing to cut my hair.

    In the 1980s, and older artist friend told me that I should join his CT Atheist Society. My response was, “Why the fuck should I do that?”

    (Cussing allowed for this one time only string?)

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