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  1. Term limits+publicly funded campaigns=greater opportunity for more representative gender diversity in Congress. (Not to mention stronger reinforcement of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy, Majoritarian Pluralism, that defeats the Biased Pluralism inherent in the Economic-Elite Domination of politics currently corrupting our Representative Democracy.)

      1. Two terms. Two terms out before eligible for another candidacy if full two terms served consecutively. (Except for President. Two terms only, as it is now.) If only one term served, one term out before eligible to run again for another two term max. Four terms total lifetime maximum.

        Senate terms drop to four years. House terms remain the same.

        Members of Congress and the President would be barred from entering the federal judiciary.

        The individual States would control their own term limits, if any, but public funding would have to be the law of the land for all elections. State. Federal. Judiciary. Party leadership.

        Lobbying is a complicated issue. But the rules would have to change there as well.

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