This has bad language in it

635880655709572133102037441_second-amendment-banner-artBut “Fuck Your Imaginary Second Amendment,” by Betsy F. Yerguns.

And thanks, Al, for letting me steal this from you on Facebook.

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  1. Strange…after “author, suffragette and hussy” I don’t see jurist listed anywhere. Or lawyer for that matter. Or historian.

    Also strange…in Yerguns’ rant I see no mention of the reasoning used in the SCOTUS majority opinion that determined, among other things, an individual right to possess a firearm, and to use that firearm for lawful purposes, is unconnected with service in a militia. That reasoning is clearly enumerated right there in the ruling. Footnotes and everything. If someone believes the Heller ruling to be dubious, all or in part, shouldn’t that reasoning be, at least, mentioned? In one way or another? There’s even some dissent from other jurists included right there in the original paperwork to help get one started.

    And…I don’t know what planet Yerguns writes from, but here? That 2008 Heller ruling, which was extended to the States in the 2010 McDonald ruling, is not imaginary. It is settled law. No challenges having yet been brought to either of those rulings, it remains settled law. It’s going to take more than regurgitating…over and over and over again…useless opinions meant to insult more than inform to change that reality.

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