Time for a new approach to cash assistance

Child-PovertyTwenty years after “welfare reform,” it’s time to admit that even small cash allowances can make all the difference in a child’s life.

And thanks, Alison, for the link.


2 responses to “Time for a new approach to cash assistance

  1. So…how to do that?

    Ideas here and here.

    And it’s all going to require the kind of bipartisan consensus that will forestall the trend toward block grant distribution of federal funds to States with little or no accountability and satisfy the requirements of the Budget Control Act.

    Along the way we’ll have to come to some sort of consensus on how to deal with the damage already inflicted by Wild Bill’s Grand Plan: millions of children suffering long-term negative academic, employment, and health outcomes as a result of “the end of welfare as we know it.” More issues for the budget.

    Looking at the promises of both political parties to cut taxes and federal spending in the near future, the bipartisan consensus needed to actually do something other than tell the poor “Sucks to be you” doesn’t seem to be in the cards…much less on the table.

  2. Good idea. I hope it happens.

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