So at the Olympics, who is news?

wwwclickholecom_Well, Ryan Lochte and his merry band of swimmers, who probably didn’t get robbed in Rio, sure, but this raises some interesting points about who is getting left out. This is especially noticeable with so many athletes of color doing so very well.

From Tracy Everbach, writing for the blog of the Society of Professional Journalists diversity committee:

An academic term called incognizant racism can explain some of the racist and sexist coverage we have seen in the 2016 Summer Olympics. The term refers to an unintentional bias on the part of journalists, who adopt the dominant white and male values of society and pass them along to the public through daily coverage. We have seen several examples of this phenomenon in the Olympics.

And thanks, Jac, for the link.


One response to “So at the Olympics, who is news?

  1. I’ve had this conversation before: If professional behavior is incognizant, i.e., lacking knowledge or awareness, can it accurately be called racism or sexism, i.e., prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race or gender based on the belief that one’s own race or gender, or both, is superior?

    I’m not saying that mass media market objectification and commodification of athletes, celebrities, infamous people and events, cannot be racist or sexist. I’m saying it can’t be incognizant. Objectification and commodification in a professional environment…like the mass media market… is a deliberate act. There’s nothing incognizant about it. Journalists are aware of it and have knowledge of it. So do editors. And publishers. And producers. Network executives. Network owners. To say these highly trained and paid professionals are not cognizant of the potential for racism and sexism in such objectification and commodification? In 2016? Horseshit.

    “Incognizant racism” is one of those ridiculous oxymorons dreamed up by “academics” to let white peoples off the hook…again. Another deliberate act.

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