So THIS is cool…

imageSales of burkinis have sky-rocketed since France banned the modest swimwear. And why not? (says the woman who prefers board shorts as swimwear).


One response to “So THIS is cool…

  1. I am of split mind on this. In general, we immigrate in order to aspire and accept the new land and its culture. Yes, of course, you try and hold on to the previous. The old always pray that the grandchildren will hold the old ways as the newer generation thinks, “the hell with that shit, man. I am… (Fill in the blank.)

    Both sides of my family, Sicilian and Eastern European Jews, couldn’t become American fast enough. My mother rebelled by disliking garlic, pasta and onion. My father so dispised Orthodoxy that he married my mother. How about that for rebellion?

    But those who leave their culture behind often long to keep as much of it alive as possible. When I lived in Florence, Italy way back, I wanted to live as much like Italians as I could. Other Americans that I met living there needed to retain their Americanism.

    Go figure, right? To each their own.

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