Did democracy die the week of July 16?

Nice-Tributes-after-Terror-AttackThis Slate article says yes. Yascha Mounk writes:

The week of July 11, 2016, has every chance of being remembered as one of those rare flurries of jumbled, inchoate, concentrated significance. The centrifugal forces that are threatening to break political systems across the world may have started to register a decade ago; they may have picked up speed over the last 12 months; but never since the fall of the Berlin Wall have they wreaked havoc in so many places in so short a span of time—showcasing the failures of technocratic rule, the terrifying rise of populist strongmen, and the existential threat posed by Islamist terrorism, all in the span of seven short days.

Think about it. The week of July 16 included:

  • The Brexit aftermath in Great Britain
  • A terrorist attack in France
  • An attempted coup in Turkey
  • And we all got to meet Trump’s vice presidential pick — though we didn’t get to hear much from the man over Trump’s talking

The list goes on. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.


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