So I was on WNHH with some awesome guys

13612-flowers-branch-tree-nature-green.1200w.tnAnd you can listen here. Don’t feel obligated. My computer skillz aren’t awesome enough to give you a direct link, but this show was instructive to me.

Chris Stedman of the Yale Humanist Community, and Onyeka Obiocha, of the Happiness Lab, are the hosts, and all I was told beforehand was that the two men get goofy and so maybe I should play along.

So I show up ready to play (or so I think) and once again, I find myself sitting in a studio thinking, “I’m a pair of brown shoes in a room full of tuxedos,” especially when these guys started talking about music. Uh…I like music, but my latest favorite group, Damion Suomi and The Minor Prophets, has a name that’s too hard for me to remember, especially sitting in a tiny radio studio where I’m trying to sound smart. You can hear the men talk about really obscure and probably awesome music, and then there’s me with “Uh…Pandora?”

It was humbling, is what. And it was fun, in the end, because I got to talk about journalism and justice, but this has happened to me so many times, I can’t even count them, where I am sitting in a studio thinking, “Lord, I’m such a grind. How did that happen?”



6 responses to “So I was on WNHH with some awesome guys

  1. It’s not a grind to love Pandora! (Says an over-50-year-old who loves Pandora – “why bother remembering band names if Pandora can do it for you”) By the way, sign me up, too, to listen to Susan sing scary church music in the car!

    I listened while doing dishes and having breakfast this morning. When you get into the mode of speaking about what drives you, your passion for justice comes out in a powerful and clear way! I loved it! It sounded like you had a good time, and the guys were entertaining and deep all at once. Cool gig!

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