When your state newspaper has to apologize for your behavior…

Paul LePage…you must be pretty bad off.

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald has apologized to the nation for their Gov. Paul LePage, who can’t seem to zip his lip and keep his racist comments in his own head.

I think this sets a fine precedent. Some weeks back, I went on Twitter and apologized for Connecticut’s own Paul Manafort, Donald J. Trump’s ethically challenged former campaign head. Of course, I’m just one Connecticut resident. It has an extra umpf if a newspaper does it.

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  1. He came up with a Republican apology and hinted at resigning. I think it’s a ruse, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. I will probably appreciate that I asked, but what is a “Republican apology?” Is it different from a Democratic one?

      1. It’s an apology that’s not really an apology. Another example would be the latest shenanigans from Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns. A statement made to appease supporters sensitive to media criticism.

        Do Democrats apologize? Democrats explain. Set the record straight. Besides…they’re Democrats. There’s no need to apologize. They are Politically Correct™.
        Wild Bill admitted that his crime bill led to mass incarceration of Black men, (“It made things worse.”), But®… the country was being ravaged by crime yadayadayada inaintmebabe.
        Bernie admitted to voting for a bill that let gun manufacturers off the hook as far as product liability goes, But®…it was something he had to do to advance other legislation yadayadayada inaintmebabe.
        Obama? The Apology Tour that wasn’t. Hiroshima: This was terrible. It sucked to be then. Everybody knows that now. What’s for lunch?
        If something is wrong, but it’s Politically Correct™, no apology is necessary. That’s the Democratic Party Way.

  2. A political resignation is to hint at it and count thumbs up and thumbs down hoping his base says, “oh, it was just a little white gaft. No harm done.” Thumbs up.

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