So you listened to the Republican candidate’s speech last night on immigration?

I did, though I hadn’t necessarily intended to. We rode our bikes to the beach to listen to — get this! — The Fixx, a favorite band from years ago that’s still going strong.

So riding back in the dark, I thought “This is really all kinds of awesome,” sat down at my computer, and of course turned it on to watch Donald Trump rattle and ramble about us v. them, which is, I believe, the Twitter version of his foreign policy. (In the next room, my life-partner had The Fixx cranked. He said nothing, but he was right: My cranking up Trump did seem a weird coda to a perfect evening.)

The speech was pretty much more of the same, including a weird portion where the candidate, who’d earlier that day met with President Enrique Peña Nieto, went off on this tear where he insisted his mythical wall will be built, and paid for by Mexico. He also hit all his other points, and cracked a joke about deporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Peña Nieto had invited both major party candidates (Clinton has not yet accepted his invitation). And Peña Nieto insists that no, his country is not paying for a wall. So you have Trump saying yes, believe him, they’ll pay, and Peña Nieto saying no. Whom to believe?

As Trump counted down the Ways That People Want To Hurt Us, I’m pretty sure Joseph Goebbels rolled over in hell, and wanted his speech back. It was truly, truly awful and while I try to look for commonality with the people who were screaming “USA! USA!” at every turn, I’m not sure I can.


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  1. I don’t know how you can stand to listen to him for more than a minute or so. (But I have that problem with a lot of politicians.)

    I did read some coverage of the speech this morning. Except for all the nativism, it pretty much sounds like existing policy.

      1. I read that David Duke just loved it and Ann Coulter says she’s going to watch it every night before bed so she’ll “sleep like a baby.”

        Also reading that Clinton’s lead in the polls has narrowed to two points.

  2. My plane is ready to fly me one way to Bombay. Is it still called “Bombay?” I had better learn the name of my future city. There is room in coach for any other immigrants.

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