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Bishop-Selders…is about to be honored by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice for his ground-breaking work for justice in the state of Connecticut. The ceremony honoring Bishop John Selders begins at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 22 at Metropolitan Community Church in Hartford.

I say this as a friend. I say this as a fan: Bishop John Selders serves as a moral core for the state of Connecticut. He also frequently doubles as the state’s backbone.

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  1. I wish reverends would seek real solutions to the inter-generational disintegration of the family unit. Instead, they engage in the same word game about saving the soul and complaining about the unfairness of the world decade after decade. Yes, the world is unfair. Address the root causes and progress can be made. And I am afraid to say it, but when babies have babies, and their babies have babies, the disintegration continues and no matter how much government spending is allocated in social and educational services, the fight cannot be won. I remember in Hartford High, students talking in class about their baby. My god. Now call me a stink weed if you want. But a child cannot possibly teach a child when she herself still needs to be taught. But will any reverend talk about it? No I haven’t heard one yet. Maybe Bishop Selders is one.

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