Is this any way to treat a kid?

downloadEvery state has what amounts to debtors’ prisons for children, according to a report from the Juvenile Law Center.

From Youth First Initiative:

One of the most harmful, ineffective and expensive forms of incarceration is the youth prison, the signature feature of nearly every state juvenile justice system. States devote the largest share of their juvenile justice resources to youth prisons at an estimated annual cost of over $5 billion per year. While youth incarceration has dramatically decreased over the past decade, almost all states still rely on these costly institutions and the harmful approach they embody. If youth prisons were closed, tens of millions of dollars could be freed up for community-based, non-residential alternatives to youth incarceration, and other youth-serving programs.

Here are Connecticut’s statutes in regard to juveniles in the legal system.

And thanks, Leftover, for the links.


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