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unspecifiedHappy Labor Day. We here at Dating Jesus are taking the day off to commemorate the sacrifices made by early union leaders, and to spend time in thoughtful prayer for latter-day union leaders. Onward and see you tomorrow.

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    1. I nearly didn’t link to him, but I figured Mother Jones, AFL-CIO. Unfortunately, unions today have a nasty reputation of looking out for the folks at the top. That’s not true across the board, but the leadership needs to understand that.

    1. Bad cops remain on the job because they have the law, the courts and the prosecutors on their side. Unions don’t determine which police action is justifiable and which is not. Unions don’t determine what defines corruption. Unions don’t set policy. Unions don’t seat grand juries and present evidence.

      Law enforcement unions do, for the most part, what unions are supposed to do: represent. If there’s a problem with policing, look to the agency for resolution, not the union.

  1. Not totally true. When union agreements are signed, there are clearly defined procedures that must be followed to initiate discipline against an officer. And if any of those procedures are not followed, grounds for dismissal in court will surely occur. A bad cop can be reinstated on account of a technicality that a union was a party to.

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