So in this week’s news…

water-proof-ipad-caseI started the week by tossing my iPad off our boat, into the ocean — well, the Long Island Sound — well, the Mystic River, which feeds into the Sound, which then feeds into the ocean. I was stepping from beneath the canvas that covers the back part, caught my glasses on the fabric, and reached to save them with the hand that held the iPad, which then decided — the hand — to open up and give the thing its freedom. It went up, it went down, and landed with a plop in the water.

I put my hand to my mouth, said, “Uh…” and then couldn’t quit laughing. No one was there to see it but I promise I did that, all of it, all by myself. For no reason other than absurdity, I then called out my Netflix code, so that the fish could enjoy movies for however long the thing works.

Then yesterday, I reached up to discover I’d lost one of the earrings from a pair my aunt gave me, an Irish claddagh that I now shall have to learn to live without. I searched everywhere, but yep. It’s gone.

Maybe it went to live with the iPad.

I think this has a lot to do with Hermine petering out before she came to Connecticut. We’re getting rain, a little wind, but nothing like the storm we were promised, and I think my stuff is somehow being sucked into the vacuum.

This is all since Sunday. Today is Wednesday. I’m a little hesitant to leave the house, but since I must, please keep me in your thoughts.

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