It is tempting to call bullshit, but…

…when Gen. David Petraeus fainted during a Congressional hearing in 2010, no one blinked. The cause was dehydration/jetlag/a lack of food. We paused and then moved on.

In 1992, when Republican Pres. George H.W. Bush fainted and vomited in Japan, some of us rude people made jokes, but I don’t remember any one using that as a basis for questioning his ability to lead. (He had the flu.)

When Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stumbled at a 9/11 memorial and left early with the help of a contingent of agents, the Twitterverse went crazy. The diagnosis was pneumonia and perhaps dehydration.

Granted, Gen. Petraeus wasn’t running for President and Bush always was President, but does this strike you as fair, the different reactions? Let me tell you, as a woman: This is what we do. We push on through. We go to work sick. We don’t lay down until we’re knocked down.

Then, too, there’s the argument that even if she did have a grave health issue, people would still vote for her.

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  1. Well…she does have a grave health issue: a history of blood clots. Three so far. Two in her legs and one in her skull. That’s serious business.

    So is pneumonia. Pneumonia put me in hospital for two weeks a couple years ago. One week in intensive care. Pneumonia is particularly serious for oldsters, and like it or not, 68 years old qualifies Clinton an oldster.

    This is why I’m concerned about the whole affair on Sunday. She obviously had an event of some sort. So if it’s related to pneumonia, (what sort of pneumonia?), why wasn’t she taken to a medical facility to see her doctor? Why her daughter’s house? That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I get the double standard thing. That’s obvious. But Hillary Clinton isn’t just another working woman anymore. She’s campaigning for President. Her health becomes an important issue for the country. Because…and Clinton should know this…if she wins the campaign? It doesn’t get any easier. It gets harder.

    1. This is true. We’re told today that there will be a detail report on her health. I think we should know that. But I also think we should be equally rigorous in seeking health information about our male candidates.

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