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  1. I don’t see in the design of an intersectional feminist curriculum any mention of class. I see identities, but the terms poor, poverty, and any mention of class structure are absent from the entire essay.

    Intersectionality is essential to the understanding of structural oppression. However, without any focus on class structure, groups of people sharing common relations to labor, the means of production, and the marketplace within an economic system, (both existing and in theory), intersectionality, and intersectional feminism in particular, (critical social theory) becomes little more than an academic fad. The master narrative that empowers structural oppression remains, essentially, unchallenged. Intellectually. Critically.

    If the goal of feminism is to create a new standard of care, (social relations), that is not subservient to that existing master narrative, an understanding of class structures and class theories must be part of the consciousness raising exercise (education). It’s been my impression, based on what I’ve read, KimberlĂ© Crenshaw understands that. I hope Ileana JimĂ©nez does as well.

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