The Politico 50

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Pose For Group PhotoPolitico has chosen 50 movers/shakers/thinkers/dreamers/doers who are changing the way we seek to change the world.

I can’t stand the insides of some of these people (she said sweetly), but I suppose they are making change….


4 responses to “The Politico 50

  1. I am so happy to see so many women on this list. BUT…Pat Buchanan??? What has he done to make anything better for anyone? Take him off the list and replace him with my heroine, the Notorious RBG.

  2. Sanders-ism? Really? What’s that? Some sort of new breed of sheepdog, I bet.

    And Sotomayor gets a slot for a dissent in Utah v. Strieff but no mention of her joining with Justice Thomas trying to keep guns in the hands of domestic violence perpetrators (Voisine et al. v. United States)?

    What about Trump? When it comes to being a doer that’s transformed American politics in 2016, Trump should be at the top of the list! Sure.. Buchanan is the proto-Trump. But nobody does White Nationalism like Donald. He’s completely legitimized right-wing extremism in the GOP. And narcissism. And sociopathy. That’s transformation. American politics will never be the same.

    • I’m sorry. Had they included Trump,the Politico 50 would not have made this blog. I write too much about the guy already. I’m not sure I understood their criteria, either.

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