Feeling lonely (or bullied) in the lunch room? There’s an app for that.

images-1Sixteen-year old Californian Natalie Hampton created an app that allows people to invite others to join them at the lunchroom table.


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  1. I showed this to the tech savvy high schooler here and he wondered if there was anything built in that might stop the bullies from exploiting the app. Using it as a trap. Foiling its intent and the credibility of users.

    1. That’s a really good question. I would hope that human power could trump techno power, but I just don’t know.

      1. Mr. Tech Savvy said he would have to look at the app to see if it was easily hacked. Or if there was a way to secure verification of user identities.

        Two youngsters…one 9 and one 13…committed suicide over the last few weeks because of bullying at school.

        Mr. Tech Savvy says it’s relentless. And it follows you through the school system. And it’s getting worse. He blames social media for much of it. Which is probably why he’s suspicious of the app.

        He knows students who have moved to completely different States to escape it. Others who have resorted to homeschooling.

        1. Lord. Remember bullies back in the day? They said nasty stuff. Sometimes they threw punches. But I never felt like they could follow me home. (When one kind-of did, my brothers took off after him on their bikes. Problem solved.)

            1. Yep. I had a math teacher and a sixth grade teacher — both men — who were horrible. I also had a high school English teacher — a woman — whom I still pretty much dislike.

        2. 9 and 13? That’s awful! Where are the adults while the bullying is going on, I wonder? Can’t teachers do more to teach kids kindness? It’s as important as any subject. Maybe kids should be graded on this. And mental health assessment/treatment of students really needs to be incorporated into schools. 9 years old!

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