Cakewalk for Clinton in this Canadian’s couple’s home

download-2A couple who lives in Canadian — one is from the U.S., the other is Canuck through and through — set up an impromptu polling station in their front  yard in British Columbia.

So far, Hillary Clinton has 50 votes. Harambe the dead gorilla has eight. Donald Trump has 7.

God bless Canada.


16 responses to “Cakewalk for Clinton in this Canadian’s couple’s home

  1. Canadians are sensible peoples. It’s all that good healthcare.

    • I love the idea that they know so much about our culture. But then I flip the coin over and think, “What, precisely, do I know about theirs?” What an ugly American I’ve turned out to be.

      • The Canadians in this household, and me, highly recommend Being Canadian for subtle insights into what makes Canada Canadian. It’s free if you Amazon Prime.

        • I may have to watch this. I just finished “Republic of Doyle,” which wasn’t deep, but had moments of sweetness/hilarity/Canadian-ness, as I know it.

          • Canada does good cop shows. I haven’t got around to this one yet.
            I’m hoping one of the streaming services picks up Motive.

            Being Canadian is funny.

            • I’ll watch it tonight, then. You’ve made other suggestions that I keep on a list. And then I lose the list.

              • Recently? ‘Cause if that’s the case I can probably find it. TV or movies?

                • Yeah. Within the last few weeks.

                  • Movie: The Armor of Light. On Amazon for 99¢. In a comment to a post I can’t seem to find now. Strange but oddly compelling, if a little drawn out, documentary on an alliance between a progressive gun control advocate and devoted anti-abortionist preacher. Worth a buck if you’re in a show hole.

                    TV: BrainDead. That was in an email. Free on Amazon Prime, (but who knows for how long because the series finale was Sunday and just hit Amazon today). Gotta watch from the beginning. Infinitely bingeable. One of my all-time favorites. Right up there with Orphan Black and Mr. Robot. Something completely different from the folks who brought you The Good Wife.

  2. I was on the phone with a woman in Vancouver about a hour ago (ordering kayak gear) and we talked about this. She said she might take a ride over to Burnaby and vote for Clinton. She said if Harambe was alive, it would be a close call.

  3. I’ve already asked a couple of my Canadian friends if they would vouch for me when I cross over, so to speak. I’m also interested in Cornwall, England. I just want a place that isn’t overridden with yahoos.

  4. I do love Canada! For several years, we vacationed there with the kids during their summer school breaks. And then there’s this (Awwww!):

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