More refugees are coming

160301-refugees-calais-terrorists-mdl-904_a417a7420770175b4dc9239cfd90e096-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000The U.S. plans to increase the number of refugees we accept to 110,000, starting on Oct. 1. That’s a 30 percent increase over the 85,000 goal  this year.

So who will we be letting in? For starters, coming in as a refugee would be the stupidest way, for a terrorist. So don’t buy that hype.

Here are some stats as to who’s taking whom, from Amnesty International.  Here are some stats about the refugees, themselves.


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    1. Yes, but mostly because I want it to happen.

      On another note entirely: LOVED “Being Canadian.” Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think it totally depends on what happens in November.
        American attitudes on the topic shifted significantly toward the negative after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks. (Even though the perpetrators weren’t refugees, but Belgian and French nationals.) And it doesn’t take more than a few mouse clicks to discover that the propaganda machine created by Trump’s campaign CEO and the FOXNews Fear Factory™ is already hard at work on the issue.

        By the time Obama has his Leaders Summit at the UN, you can bet there will be at least a half dozen more bills introduced in Congress to thwart his “reckless and extreme policies.” Funding isn’t even secure yet.

        I love that movie. My housemates bought a DVD to add to their permanent collection.

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