How do you balance privacy and housing concerns among domestic violence victims?

walking_away_by_thefoxandtheraven-d4gr1s1The state of Connecticut is leading the way in figuring that out.

I wrote this for C-HIT, CT Health Investigative Team.

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  1. Nice article. I imagine our emergency resources have similar difficulties reconciling conflicts in laws. And privacy is a huge issue. Especially where everybody knows everybody’s business. Our biggest problem, though, is outreach. It’s a big State. Half of our homicides are connected to domestic violence. (Generally, female perpetrators are as common as men in Montana.) And it’s getting worse. Just getting the opportunity for intervention before emergencies occur is rare.

    And I know just how Catherine Zeiner feels. I’m also too old for stilettos.

      1. Size 6???
        Honey…I haven’t seen a size 6 since third grade.
        And I wasn’t necessarily talking about me fitting into them. Just…well…too old for the neighborhood shall we say.

        I had to look up what a kitten-heel pump looked like. Less radical but still short of orthopedic class.

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