When you reduce humans to candy:


Turns out, this photo was used without permission. It was taken by a former refugee who is none too happy about the use of his work by one of Donald Trump’s sons.

Even the makers of Skittles — Wrigley — stepped in with:

“Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it is an appropriate analogy.”


6 responses to “When you reduce humans to candy:

  1. Could say the same thing about Republicans. The odds are about the same.

      • A writer at WaPo worked it out…down to measuring a Skittle…and said the odds were like 68 million to 1 against getting a poisoned Skittle. If there actually was a poisoned Skittle. Which, according to the available information allegedly backing up Junior’s claim, cannot be verified.

        Junior definitely sounds like Cabinet material. Especially now that Christie and his people are out of the running.

    • The odds would be far higher with Republicans than with our Syrian refugees, especially considering the gun-toters!

      Even the mention of 3 (vs 0), indicates some level of risk that has no basis in fact. The Syrian refugees that have come to the US are among the most heavily vetted groups. Not one, since 9/11, has been arrested for suspected ties to terrorism or for any terrorist act. Not one over the last 15 years. Republicans are far more dangerous!

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