Bears and skittles! Oh, my!

Bear, voting

Bear, voting

An anti-immigration organization just released a report that said the U.S. accepting immigrants is crowding out bears and stuff. From the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

One can quibble about the optimal number, but it’s obvious that even current human population levels are not harmonious with a natural balance.

But this may be my favorite part:

If pollsters could interview the bears that remain, bears would strongly oppose a higher human population in the United States.

Jesus H. Has any one thought to ask the otters? They might be in favor, which would cancel out the bears’ vote.


One response to “Bears and skittles! Oh, my!

  1. Speaking from Bear Country (Grizzly Fans) I think it’s probably true most Bears would be happier with fewer humans. (Is that a bear voting? Or volunteering? To eat your skittles. Or your face.)

    However, according to World Bank data, the population growth rate in the US has dropped fairly consistently since the 60s…from 1.7% to 0.76% in 2014.

    So…while it is true immigration has increased about 9% since the 70s, (all kinds of data visualizations here), there is no mass immigration crisis causing our population to explode to the extent it creates any more significant threat to the environment than what already exists. What most of the people paying attention to FAIR deny exists. (And really? Are you going to trust folks that don’t know how to use a spellchecker?)

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