No, they’re not taking our jobs

unamerica-indianA new study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine says that immigrants are not taking our jobs. The report also addresses whether immigrants burden government budgets, but that’s another story.

(By the way? That links takes you to a page where you can download it for free, as I did. I thought I could download it and then share it, but no. They saw me coming.)

(Be warned. It’s 509 pages.)

In short, in regard to they’re-taking-our-jobs thing, the report said:

  • In the long term, there is little to no negative effect on overall wages and employment on native-born workers.
  • Some immigrants who came earlier and were still in low-wage jobs still earn less and have difficulty finding jobs because of newer arrivals.
  • Teenagers who drop out of school are affected, though not as much as you might imagine.
  • Highly skilled immigrants have a positive impact on the economy. And they create jobs.



2 responses to “No, they’re not taking our jobs

  1. NYT coverage reports the study did not address the STEM workers/H-1B visa issue brought before the Senate earlier this year. Probably because H-1B workers aren’t considered immigrants per se. They’re imports.

  2. Technically, H1B workers are NOT TAKING our jobs. Employers (among them, Travelers, Aetna, United Healthcare, etc) are handing out jobs to the lower-paid and no benefits H1Bers, and laying off US and often older workers.

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