Candidate Bingo!

screenshot-2016-09-24-19-43-29Alison sent this along and I so appreciate it. And thanks, MomsRising.

And you can read more about what to expect from the debate here, at the Washington Post.

(At this point? Hillary Clinton must make Donald Trump cry in order to be declared a winner. Donald Trump just needs to avoid insulting someone. The standards are different for the candidates, yes?)


8 responses to “Candidate Bingo!

  1. Do you really think there’s going to be a winner?
    Trump will be Trump. Clinton will be Clinton. And the whole charade will continue.

    I think the moderators will probably provide more interest than the candidates. Three establishment journalists and one contemporary self-made “citizen journalist.”

    • I’m going to hope, of course, that there is a winner, and I’m going to hope for a particular person to win, and for me, the winner will be declared when the other guy shits himself and bursts into tears. That’s my criteria.

      • While there’s no actual objective standard for judging a CPD debate, (probably because it’s not really a debate), I do think your criteria would be a safe bet. Except at FOXNews. Or Breitbart. Where shitting oneself and bursting into tears denotes a standard of excellence.

        The real debate, I think, will begin after the end of the candidates’ debate. Again…no actual objective standard…but an even better chance of seeing debaters shit themselves and burst into tears.

        • Isn’t it odd that there’s no real way of scoring this “debate?” I guess, as you point out, since it’s not a debate, and needs quotation marks, asking for proper scoring would be fruitless.

          • I think we need to come up with a word for what this actually is.
            I think soirée would work for pre-convention Party cattle calls, but not the Presidential roundup, being limited, as it is, in size.

            I propose truculation. Combining the descriptors truculent/truculence…annoyingly eager or quick to argue or fight, aggressively defiant/such quality or state of being…with the suffix -ation…denoting an action or instance of an action.

            Something like a Presidential debate could be a formal or moderated, or even compulsory, truculation.

            Nothing other than an annoying and defiant display is implied. No expectations of truth or accuracy, or of civility, (things inherent to actual debates), can be inferred. And scope is unlimited. Never too narrow or broad. As easily applied to chimpanzees as it would be to politicians. Or preachers. Or pundits.

  2. Dear “Leftover”…
    I think I just fell in love. hahahaaaa!

  3. Dear “Leftover”;
    I think I just fell in love with your mind….

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