Thanks, Obama

According to Donald Trump’s way of thinking, he is running for president in large part because of a slight by Pres. Obama in 2011.

So it’s vengeance-based. Sad!

You’ll be watching the debate tonight, right? Right?


9 responses to “Thanks, Obama

  1. I’m choosing the radio, otherwise I’d have to watch through my fingers.

  2. I can’t make it. I have a prior commitment. (No…it’s not football.)
    Let me know if anybody learns anything they don’t already know.

  3. Try something novel. Don’t watch. Just listen.

  4. NPR just interviewed a Trump supporter that they plan to interview again after the debate. He said that there would be a war if Clinton is elected. When pressed he said it would be overthrow of the government by “patriots”. Wheeeee!

    • I heard that, even while the announcer said the couple interviewed had no intention of launching the war, themselves. They thought they should be “ready.” Yow!

  5. I’ll have my finger on the mute button throughout the debate. I wish I could have close-captioning for the evening. I wouldn’t have to Drump’s voice.

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