A former Miss Universe speaks…

This from the Republican presidential candidate, no sylph, himself. If you want to read more about Alicia Machado, go here. And here’s Trump’s rather predictable response.

Manager’s Note: We do not fat-shame here. We do, however, call out hypocrisy on a regular basis.

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  1. And another thing… (beyond the fact that Trump is a horrible person)

    If she was indeed 116-117 lbs during the pageant, she was 1-2 lbs into the underweight category. Did he express concern for her health being underweight? Of course not. At 160 lbs, she fell one pound beyond the normal weight category for her height (according to the NIH BMI calculator).

    This is an issue. Women are not expected to be at a normal weight. The warped version of a beautiful female falls into the unhealthy category of underweight.

    What is so, so, sooo disturbing, is that more people than I imagined are on Trump’s side. It is shocking to me that he has so many supporters. It makes me sad for our country.

  2. Well…you had me until:

    In Trump, she sees a mirror of Hugo Chávez, the populist leftist (and onetime beauty pageant organizer) who charmed his way into a calamitous and violent dictatorship [elected to office four times] that led to Venezuela’s economic collapse…

    I get it. Trump Bad. Beauty Queen Good. But horseshit is still horseshit.

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