Please to bite me

unspecifiedSo let’s pause a moment and acknowledge that no matter what a woman in power does, she will always, always be doing the wrong thing with her mouth. She isn’t smiling. she’s smiling too much. It really doesn’t matter. She’s doing it wrong.

Here’s more on the neoconservative nitwit who tweeted that. Bless his heart.

unspecifiedAnd here’s Reince Priebus weighing in on an earlier appearance by Clinton. He, too, can bite me, she said sweetly.



7 responses to “Please to bite me

  1. Well, they couldn’t criticize her outfit, because she looked GREAT. I must admit, I was struck by her smile and thought, “How could she smile at that ignorant, rude monster?” Of course, the alternative(s) would have been worse… laughing at him or bitch slapping him.

  2. I was fascinated by the contrast of Hillary keeping alert and interested in whatever garbage came from Drump’s mouth, while the man himself was doing facial exercises. The smile? She kept her composure. The wide smile? She was saying to the audience; “You and I know he’s an asshole, don’t we?”

  3. His reactions and face-making are leftovers from a spoiled childhood, I betcha.

  4. i watched the Democracy Now version of the debate that included Jill Stein.
    the criticisms of Clinton’s appearance were and are absurd. visually, she came of as a polished. on presentation, my only criticism is she sounded far too rehearsed.
    but the real point is all this talk about smiles and appearance is just another ludicrous distraction from substance. nowhere have i found a genuine critique of the substance of this “mutual press conference” as Ralph Nader called it.
    just my opinion; on substance Jill Stein won, hands down.
    on appearance, polish, and execution, Clinton won.
    on absolute buffoonery and vacuousness, Trump had no competition.

  5. She smiles to keep from cursing like a sailor, I can’t imagine having to listen to that fire hydrant of lies and not exploding on him. I can live with 40% of the population not finding anything good, just make sure we vote.

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