On mansplaining or being manterrupted.

3ef38e39c76f710a310a7bf19a3a1786Just read this, by Jessica Bennett and the New York Times. From the essay:

…to the rest of us, or at least the 51 percent of us who are women, Mr. Trump’s behavior was also painfully familiar, reminiscent of the types of dismissals so many of us deal with every day.

“To the men amazed Clinton hasn’t snapped: Every woman you know has learned to do this. This is our life in society,” one woman mused to her 300 Twitter followers the night of the debate. By morning, she’d been retweeted more than 7,000 times.

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  1. Terms like mansplaining (which I can’t believe is in my dictionary) and manterrupted (which thankfully is not…yet)…in my opinion…let men…and Trump in particular…off the hook. The poor dears just cain’t help themselves.

    We don’t need new terms to describe Trump’s behavior at the debate. He tried to bully Clinton. What Bennett calls “Mr. Trump’s linguistic trademarks”… “Shouting, talking over, bulldozing, mansplaining”…this is bullying. Show it to your sons and your grandsons.
    Tell them this is what bullying looks like.

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