Whose ad is that?

dark_moneyIf it’s a television ad, the funders of political ads are hard to trace.

Despite rules that require  posting the funders where television viewers could find them…

…Stations are accepting incomplete or inaccurate forms from the advertisers. They’re posting “disclosure” forms that sometimes don’t disclose much: Often they don’t have the information the law requires, and that is critical for the public to understand who is trying to affect an election. In some cases, disclosures are only partially complete. In other cases, advertisers aren’t cooperating but stations are running the ads anyway.

So dark money continues.

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  1. Americans by and large, it seems to me, only care about who is paying for what advertising when they dislike what they’re hearing.

    But I do support any effort to enforce strict transparency rules on where the money comes from. If money is speech, political speech, the pubic has a right to know who is doing the talking. Unfortunately…the people with the money necessary to really fight for that kind thing just aren’t that interested.

      1. What? …only care about who is paying for what advertising…? Because when money speaks somebody’s language, it doesn’t seem to draw much critical attention from that somebody.

        Or……just aren’t that interested…?
        The people with enough money to sway public opinion against secretly funded political campaigns don’t seem interested in having their candidates focus on where the money comes from. Deep pockets like secrecy.

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