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  1. Seniors are cute…but support for Trump is strong among retirees and those on the ramp. They should be talking to their friends and neighbors because the grandkids, if they vote, are probably not going to vote for Trump anyway.

    1. “Those on the ramp.” Good one. I am among a lot of Millennials and Gen-Zers and there are more than a few Trump supporters. The polls are all over the place, sadly. If this election has taught me anything (and I’m speaking strictly for myself) it’s that hard and pure data is hard to come by.

      1. Millenial support for a more social democratic agenda was obvious during the primary season. The question is where that support will land now that a social democratic agenda is completely off the table.

        The young people I know who support Trump have a simple rationale: He’s not Clinton. (Sound familiar?) Forget the White nationalism. Forget the misogyny. Forget the ignorance. Forget Policy. He’s not Clinton is the single most important issue. I’m not sure where all that hate comes from, but it’s there.

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