The latest in Hebrew scriptures…

download…and yes, I’m still slogging my way through what I was taught to call the Old Testament, but which is probably more accurately also known as the Hebrew scriptures. As I type this, I just finished the book of Jonah — which is just a short four chapters, something I didn’t remember from my earlier readings.

As a Bible-banging Christian fundamentalist, I have read the Book already, though not like this, not cover to cover over the course of a year. I must admit that while delving into some of the minor prophets, my eyes glazed over. There are a lot of threats there, and a few gems of phrases, like when God threatens the Israelites with clean teeth. That doesn’t sound so bad until you keep reading and realize that means they’ll have no food — so their teeth will be clean.

I promise I am not reading the Bible to learn new ways to insult people, though my snark has since taken on a more literary quality (if you ask me).

The goal is to finish The Book by Dec. 31 by keeping up with an app I loaded onto my phone. I try to start my day with reading it because it strikes me as a good way to begin.

I’m looking toward December, and then January, and thinking maybe I’ll just start reading it back through, maybe more deeply.

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  1. Repent now, you Ninevites! Because, as you can clearly see, the whole Belly of the Fish thing is just so gross. And the upchuck. Well..I can tell you that after three days it’s not entirely unwelcome…but still…so gross. So try and keep that in mind. Teach your children. Because who knows what kind of chance they’re going to get down the road. Not me, that’s for sure. I’m just a minor prophet. So if you could just point me to a dry cleaner….

      1. And one would think that after the whole fish thing, he would get a hint about when to STFU.
        But no. Just this constant kvetching.

        When I was younger, I used to think the ichthus was the “sign of Jonah” the apostles and such talked about later.

  2. I’ve fallen behind and can only say I’ll keep at it until I finish – maybe by Jan-Feb. I was thinking, if I had kept up, I’d be almost done with the OT (like you). I look forward to moving into the New Testament, though Micah may be interesting. Your plan to read in the morning is better than mine to read at the end of the day. Slogging through the slow parts don’t go well with end of day fatigue. Your desire to reread it all again is impressive!

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