A renewal of moral seriousness

12-02-byron_tipping_boat3(Even as I type that headline, I just came off of Twitter suggesting that all that’s left for Mr. Trump to do is to shit himself and exit right…so this is me trying to redeem my own soul.)

David Gushee writes at Religion News Service:

I think we have good reason to be anxious about the erosion of the moral (and religious) ethos that once formed and constrained our expressions of the maximized liberty of our political system.

The delicate balance that the founders expected — a free people, but not utterly free, because they are shaped and constrained by the force of a powerfully religious and moral culture — is in the process of being lost.

So how about it, ‘Murica. Is there a way to recover from what Gushee calls this “carnage” of a campaign?


3 responses to “A renewal of moral seriousness

  1. If Gushee thinks our national character is defined by the actions of unprincipled opportunists…or elitist academics…he really needs to get out more.

    I disagree that a people get the government they more or less deserve. That statement represents an ignorance of history that destroys credibility.

    I disagree that the cause of what Gushee calls carnage, (defined as the killing of a large number of people… slaughter, massacre, mass murder, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting, gore; holocaust, pogrom, ethnic cleansing), is either them, (presumably the politicians), or us. Again…a very simplistic remark that is willfully ignorant of current events and recent history, including the evolution of mass media in America. (Our politics is evolving. “Recovery”…a return to normalcy…is simply not an option.)

    I disagree that the “default setting” of our political culture “is to maximize freedom.” The list of liberties Gushee ticks off could never be achieved in a classically liberal political culture, the kind The Founders wanted to build, without tolerance. Tolerance is the default setting of the political culture The Founders envisioned. Without tolerance, none of those “freedoms” can be realized by society on the broad scale The Founders intended. The Founders knew it. History…again…illustrates this clearly.

    I’m going to stop right there. Because I disagree with everything he has to say. Gushee’s elitist, (and bigoted?), theology corrupts utterly any reasonable, any critical analysis and evaluation of “moral seriousness” in this country.
    It’s as reactionary as Trumpism. And even more of a threat to those “freedoms” Gushee allegedly regards as sacrosanct.

    • OK. Maybe I was taken more with the notion that we have to get over our hateful election season. I see your point. I don’t necessarily disagree.

      • Where Gushee wants to take us isn’t going to resolve hate and discontent in our politics. It’s going to make it worse.

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