Corporations and underfunded schools

photoHave you heard of “McTeacher’s Night?” ThinkProgress has an explainer about how, under the guise of being good corporate citizens, corporations are taking advantage of poorly-resourced schools.

Specifically, during a fundraising event named “McTeacher’s Night,” teachers can work a shift at McDonald’s during which part of the fast food restaurant’s proceeds will go toward those teachers’ schools. Teachers can do anything from working the cash register to flipping burgers.

According to McDonald’s documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, teachers are encouraged to promote the event, which often means wearing T-shirts displaying the golden arches. “(Hint: Your success depends on how well YOU PROMOTE this event at your school)” the document reads. It adds that McDonald’s will provide 500 flyers to be handed out at schools.

So McDonald’s gets free labor, and the teachers get to promote the crappy food to their students.


2 responses to “Corporations and underfunded schools

  1. My mind is now officially fried.

  2. Maybe it’s all in fun, but there must be better alternatives. And, it occurred to me, the regular employees have one less shift.

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