You matter. What happened to you matter.

new-picture-3The Department of Justice recently announced awards  of more than $38 million

to help state, tribal and local government agencies to process sexual assault kits in law enforcement custody that have not been submitted to forensic laboratories.

You can read more here.

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  1. “You matter. What happened to you matters.”
    Sort of.
    Depending, of course, on who you are, what you are, and where you live.
    It’s still The United States of America.

      1. Evidence is no guarantor of justice.

        One token act of redress is neither a remedy nor a suitable resolution to decades of official malfeasance.

          1. Stunning? Yes. Surprising? No…considering the blanket of injustice that surrounds women…and children…who are victimized every day by sexual predators in this country…and again by official malfeasance that denies them any hope of justice. And the horrific legacy of fear such sexual predation and malfeasance imposes upon the vulnerable…those whose status places them beneath the bar of affordability that defines all priority in this country.

            Think about it. If our culture devoted half of the resources appropriated to ensuring the rights of the accused on the rights of victims, people like Donald Trump and Wild Bill Clinton wouldn’t be tap dancing on the front porch of The White House. When women and children are victimized? Sucks to be you. Or…Here’s a little money. Get a candy bar or something and STFU.

            It’s still The United States of America. Predators rule.

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