It never hurts to remind yourself…

louie_gohmert_ap_605…there there are some truly disturbed people who call themselves Christian.

Louis Gohmert? We are praying for you.

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  1. And this guy is a Congressman? Things like that make me question again our method of government. There must be a better way and surely more intelligent people out there to run things!

    And shame on him for shielding his warped views with the word, “Christian”. No!

  2. Louie Gohmert on FOXNews also yesterday:

    “Trump has said some things that are very vile back when he was supporting people like Bill Clinton…But if you’re Bill Clinton’s big buddy like he was at one time, you’re going to talk like Bill Clinton. And I think we need to forgive him for talking like big Democrats like Clinton and other foulmouthed people.

    “Now he’s a Republican…[Pastor] James Dobson tells me he’s become a Christian. And so, look, we forgive him for the past because he’s asked for it.”

    Forgiveness. Ain’t that Christian? Seriously. Is not forgiveness a foundational tenet of Christianity?
    Are not Leviticans as legitimate in their firmly held beliefs as other Christians? They’re using the same rule book.

    And if Gohmert is truly disturbed, what does that say about the Texas First Congressional District which has sent Gohmert to Congress five times?

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