Say goodnight, Pat

Before we leave the Republican nominee in the dust, let’s let Bro. Pat Robertson, that paragon of all things Jesus-y, have his say. Talking about committing sexual assault is “macho.” Good to know.

And so we wave farewell as Pat Robertson takes that one last step into irrelevancy. Bless his heart.


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  1. As Jeremy Scahill said the other night (among other things):

    Whether Trump wins, loses, or loses big, he has empowered fascists, racists, and bigots. He did not create them, but he has legitimized them by becoming the nominee and openly expressing their heinous, hateful beliefs. This, to me, is one of the most frightening developments on a domestic level in the U.S. this election cycle. Trump may go away, but the people he has empowered will not.

    Pat Robertson isn’t moving into irrelevancy. Not any more. Neither is Pat Buchanan. His forecast for revolution should Trump lose the election, (shared with Robertson), was echoed by a panicked Trumpkin at a Pence rally just yesterday. Iowa Representative and stalwart Trumpkin Steve King is calling for a purge of GOP elites that don’t support Trump. An “amputation.” And despite what the MSM reports, continuing support for the Trump candidacy far outweighs any losses within the Party or that share of the electorate.

    Barry Goldwater lost his campaign, but far from becoming irrelevant, his paranoid hate and discontent transformed the GOP. His legacy secured for generations. Now that “the shackles are off” and Trump embraces again the Roy Cohn style of slash-and-burn public relations his supporters drool for and the media loves to hate…all the way to the bank…the Trump Legacy is likewise secure. Even if he loses, he’s won.

    What remains to be seen is how this will effect the Democratic Party. And dissent.

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