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beth-moore-2While male evangelical leaders are sticking with Whatzisname, prominent female evangelical leaders (like Beth Moore, above) are breaking from their male peers and asking: When will you believe me and stand by me?

You can read more here.

And thanks, Cynical.

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  1. I’m wondering if Moore and her cohorts are latecomers to the anti-Trump…as in last Friday afternoon. Or if they spoke out against his candidacy earlier. (Because if they were surprised Friday afternoon, they either haven’t been paying attention or Trumps hate and discontent only matters when it strikes too close to home.) And how they plan to vote. Because, as their male counterparts have demonstrated, crocodile contrition or condemnation does not mean anybody’s vote is going to change.

    There is…after all…the existential evil embodied in Hillary Clinton that must be taken into consideration. Especially for Christians. Who are under such great threat from…well…take your pick.

    Worth watching but NSFW…Sam Bee.

            1. That photo was released, as it turns out, by the Wild Bill Presidential Library to emphasize the close relationship the Clintons and Trumps enjoyed prior to Trump switching Parties. (Wait a minute….Where’s Hillary? Melania is there. But that other woman is definitely not Hillary. That scamp! )

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