And while I’m swinging the bat:

Republican presidential candidate Trump autographs chest of woman at his campaign rally in Manassas, VirginiaI wrote this for The Hill. The Republican candidate’s sad, woman-hating life reminds us to think and talk about sexual boundaries.

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  1. When I was reaching out to Antioch College alumni after Antioch University announced they would close the college, someone scoffed at the sexual offense policy. I told him that people who learned how to incorporate such permissions into their sexual practices had better sex.

    1. That’s a great response, and for all the jokes at the time, Antioch was, I think, simply ahead of its time.

  2. Keep hitting them out of the park! Trump is just lobbing them in there. And then, he whines that the game is rigged. He’s a lousy player, plain and simple!

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