I heart Michelle Obama

And thanks, Leftover, for this wonderful reminder of things that are good and righteous.


9 responses to “I heart Michelle Obama

  1. Stunning. I’m going to miss her.

  2. A beautifully crafted piece of work. Just stunning…as Paul says. Righteousness without pretense. A connect-the-dots presentation of the evidence that successfully engages all members of the jury. Kudos to Sarah Hurwitz as well, whom I’m sure played her usual role in preparing The First Lady’s argument.

    I mean…by the end she almost had me feeling good about voting for Clinton. Almost. But feeling much better about voting against Trump.

    • Well, then, there’s ONE near-convert. SaLUTE!

      • No…I’m there. It’s gotta be Clinton. However distasteful that might be, now is not the time for a symbolic vote for a candidate that has no real chance of winning.
        The status quo sucks, and there’s really, as far as policy is concerned, not that much difference between the two major corporatist Parties. What I’m voting against is Trump supporters.
        Maybe someday The Left will see a resurgence in this country…one way or the other. But until then, the neoliberal centrists are the only existing realistic alternative to right-wing proto-fascist populism.
        I’ll vote for her. I won’t like it. But I’ll do it.

      • My housemate says, “Look at it this way…you’re not voting for Hillary. Or Capitalism. Or any of that stuff. You’re voting for women. You’re voting for feminism. Michelle said it. It’s not about politics anymore. It’s about basic human decency. It’s about right and wrong. Have some more coffee.’

        I can work with that.

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