Running back from heroin addiction

14642735_10210990732792241_1410358127_nI wrote this for Mother Courant. I found Dana to be pretty stinkin’ inspiring.


4 responses to “Running back from heroin addiction

  1. Twenty years of heroin addiction to finishing a marathon in less than a year? That is amazing.
    He is consulting with a physician during all this, though….right?

    • He is not. I mentioned that. He was an athlete, and I guess he’s drawing on strength no one knew he had.

      • I don’t think that’s wise.
        Long term heroin abuse screws up the brain…neurotransmitters that help the body deal with injury and pain. After twenty years of abuse, that kind of damage cannot be overcome within just a few months…or maybe it can. The point being, without consulting a physician to find out, the man could still be killing himself.
        The fact that he felt no ill effects after running 13 miles should raise a red flag to somebody. His son perhaps.

  2. I wish him the best, for himself and his family. I also hope he inspires others and offers hope. Run, Dana, run! Awesome feat!

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