Remember that time Donald Trump brought four of Bill Clinton’s accusers to a debate?

14729232_10155370329778957_277464188410248802_nGuess if we invite Donald Trump’s accusers to Wednesday’s debate, we’re going to need a bigger hall.

Thank you. I’m here all week.

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  1. Trump’s son-in-law has been floating the idea of a Trump TV Network to a certain media power broker should the election be lost.
    (Apparently FOXNews without Roger Ailes just isn’t quite good enough.)

          1. They’re not going anywhere. They were deeply embedded in the GOP before the Trump candidacy. They’ll remain if he loses the election. And they’ll continue to consolidate and extend their influence, including the effect that influence has on neoliberal centrists and their policy of accommodationcapitulation.

            The people who own this country know that a vibrant and vocal proto-fascist crusade reinforces the fallacy of opposition that renders inert any resurgence of actual social democratic dissent within the Democratic Party.

  2. When Melania was asked who she turns to when she needs to talk about her marriage she replied, “my actuary”.

    1. Definitely a deal breaker. Not to mention unconstitutional. Impinging, as it were, a tool of speech.
      But the world would still be a safer place negotiating for peace instead of promising more war. But that kind of policy shift would be in your hands, Mr. President.

      1. OK. Caffeine, but not before bedtime. And no tweeting after midnight.

        Maybe I’ll issue an Executive Order combining the Departments of Defense and State and rename it the Department of Swords Into Plowshares. Can you work with that Mr. Secretary?

        1. I only tweet when under the influence of an overabundance of complex carbohydrates…and I only twitter when mildly amused.

          I normally cut off the caffeine around 3pm so that won’t be a problem.

          Formally erasing the difference between the military (DoD) and an ideologically driven, and as such unpredictable, State Department, even if it could be ramrodded through Congress, would not, in my opinion, be in the best interest of our democratic Republic. So no, I would resign.

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