Christian women revolt against pro-Trump pastors

dada322743b2e22944df2e628829b11aTrump has not offered true repentance.”

Bless you, my sisters. And thanks, Cynical, for sending this.


2 responses to “Christian women revolt against pro-Trump pastors

  1. I saw this. I do find it encouraging…to a point. That is…until I see data on White Evangelicals’ shifting attitudes, like what’s included here, and take note the Rev. Butler does not say how she’s going to vote.

    “Teaching moments” and crocodile contrition are part and parcel of the boundless anarchy of conscience Christianity enjoys in America, but it’s not going to abate any “sin of misogyny” from being legitimized further within our political culture. Only a vote can do that.

    • We have absolutely (“we” being white Christian evangelicals who bang their Bibles) no rock to stand on if we support Trump. None. Baby Jesus is crying.

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