If you’re nasty…

giphy@realDonaldTrump and Hillary Clinton squared off last night for the final presidential debate, and so much happened I feel compelled to resort to bullets:

  • Trump said we treat immigrants better than we treat veterans. That’s a lie.
  • Trump decried so-called entitlement programs. Why does Trump hate the elderly, the disabled, and the workers of America.
  • He said refugees are bringing crime to our shores. A lie.
  • He said he was against the Iraq War. A lie.
  • He said the election was rigged and voter fraud would make him lose the election. No. It will be Trump’s own idiocy that will do that.

There was so much more — all false. And then he said this:

And that, to me, sums up the man. If you are still supporting this troglodyte, fake-tanned, draft-dodging, woman-hating lying liar who lies, I have nothing for you. No. Thing. I have shaken the dust from my feet for you, and I’m moving on.

See you at the polls next month. I’m a nasty woman who votes.


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  1. Not that I doubt your assertion on Trump’s idiocy, but you’ve repeated a link in support that was used in the Iraq War bullet. Just in case you want to plug in the original. Not that it’s needed.

    Personally? I find Clinton’s “nastiness” one of her more endearing qualities. That one utterance by Trump clearly illustrates the double standard he and his kith and kin have sought to exploit from day one of his candidacy. Becomes when it comes to nasty………..

    Watch for me at the polls. I’ll be the one holding this sign.

    1. Thanks for that. I was rapid-firing typing this a.m., and showed my fallibility.

      And I love that sign. And maybe I’m nasty, too, because I didn’t see nastiness. Honest to God, I saw patience.

      1. Yeah…only on Trump’s Planet could that be considered nasty.
        I’ve got some favored descriptors for Clinton, nasty isn’t one of them. And considering all the bullshit she’s had to endure in her career, even if she was, I couldn’t fault her for it.

      2. I saw controlled disgust of a pathetic, desperate, spoiled man-child that she was forced to acknowledge. It was tiresome to listen to the string of lies and misleading statements coming from him. And for another? Trump said this about abortion: “you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month on the final day” Ummm…no. That would be called delivery, and the baby is expected to survive. He’s an idiot and I hope all his supporters do get out and vote on November 28th.

        1. He said “rip” several times. And he mischaracterized late-term abortions. I don’t like him.

          1. What you said. Rip is not the right word either. I really hope they drop him from press coverage once he loses. You know he will continue to make noise and attempt to gain attention – like a toddler who stomps his feet when he doesn’the get his way.

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